Nighthawk Construction
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Founded by Chris Martin in Caldwell County, Texas, Nighthawk Construction offers a full variety of services—from site work, utility installation, and demolition to road construction, brush clearing and even ranch work.

Surrounded by the construction business since childhood, Chris Martin took the first step to turning his passion into his profession when he joined the Air Force and was assigned to the 56th Squadron in 1990—a squadron that specialized in rapid runway repair, site work and heavy equipment operation.

Today, Nighthawk Construction continues to fulfill the needs of the community by working on a wide-array of projects in the corporate, government, industrial, residential and commercial fields. With a focus on close communication between the client, architect, engineer and operators, and a commitment to service and quality, Chris continues to build a solid base of clients who ask for Nighthawk

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Site Preperation

Construction staking, select clearing trees & brush from your building site, excavating , fine grading for foundations, paving areas, detention ponds & backfilling for landscaping

Wet Utilities

From installing water lines, fire lines , FDC's, hydrants to storm water piping & sewer lines. NightHawk is Class C water operator licensed


We tear out foundation slabs, parking lots, buildings & old utilities. We have the experience, insurance, and equipment for your demo job

Ranch Work

Constructing gravel roads; Building, repairing & cleaning out tanks/ponds; Brush Clearing & burning; Property & fence line clearing

Flood Control Structure Maintenance & Repair

From work with the NRCS, FEMA & Plum Creek Conservation District repairing & maintaining ,plunge basins, damn repairs, vegetation control to valve maintaince & repairs

1420 South Commerce Street
Lockhart, TX 78644


Mailing address:
212 Quarry Springs Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666